Friday, August 19, 2016

Photoshop Brushes : Social Media Icons


Hello friends! You know, Brushes can save your time when you are going to design something. So, today I've rounded up a common brush set that is called social media icons brush. When you are going to think, you need a social media icon no matter what color is it, then I've to suggest you to take this brush, Because Photoshop brush do not contain color information, a brush can only contain one color from the foreground/background color settings.

Below you can find three types of social media icon brushes. Circle Icons Brush, Square Icons Brush and Rounded Icons Brush. 

Circle Icons Brush


Square Icons Brush 


Rounded Icons Brush

social media icons brush for photoshop

Thank you for watching this post! I highly appreciate it! Now you can see another free resource called Vector Pattern - Moire or Wave


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