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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
A Pattern Can Change Your Home Decoration.

A Pattern Can Change Your Home Decoration.

This is an awesome and whimsical project to make a pattern to decorate someone's home. This pattern changes his interior and delights him. As a fanciful and creative designer I love to get such type of works, Because, this is creative
The pattern's name to "Royal" based on it's color and shape. 

Pattern with Picture Frame (20-inches x 30-inches)

for exhibition 
for exhibition


I think this is not a big deal to make a pattern by yourself. It is easy to make.
If you want to make such type of pattern then see the tutorial below.
It is easy to learn. Hope you'll enjoy it. 

How to Create A Captivating Royal Pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Create A Captivating Royal Pattern in Adobe Illustrator.


Quick Tip : How to Create 
A Captivating Royal Pattern
in Adobe Illustrator.

I'll show you in the following tutorial how to create a captivating royal pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Now let's play.

Step 1 

Take a New document through Ctrl or Command + N or go to File > New. Choose  612 x 792 size Artboard. [as your choice]

Step 2

Pick the Pen Tool (P) from the tool panel and draw like below. 

Step 3

Remove the color from stroke and select the Gradient Tool (G) and set the following colors:

Step 4

Select the created shape and copy it (Ctrl or Command+ C) and paste in front (Ctrl or Command + F). Then set the gradient color like below.

Step 5

Now set the position of both shapes like this.

Step 6

Select both shapes and go  Object >Pattern>Make. 
See  an Option box will pop up. Then modify it and achieve the result as mine.

Save it by click to Done  

Step 7

Finally, Select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the Tool panel and Draw a box>With selection the box> Apply your Pattern from Swatches.


See this shape color is too deep, If you want to deep yours then follow the instruction. 

You just copy the Linear Gradient shape and put on colored shape then open the Transparency panel (Shift + Command + F10) 
and change the Blending Mode to Overlay to  deep its color.

Enjoy and if you have any query then ask me, Please.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Abstract Design

Abstract Design

I love Experimental Graphic Design & Art. This is one of my experimental abstract polygon art named Poly Flower.
An unexpected creative thinking is heading for this acquisition. Yes, designing in polygons is nothing new, but I am incredibly grateful to all of the designs I got an unique theme there. When I took the first whack at draw something, I didn’t feel anything about future. Here, my feelings is as precise as my design. Hope you enjoy and like them. 
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Logo and Identity

Logo and Identity

BIJUTOHA, A brand or key name for a graphic designer devoted to the hope of creative design. BIJUTOHA focused on logo design, branding, calligraphy and typography art, illustration, manipulation, editing images, advertising, printing and many more.

The previous logo wasn’t particularly well created, When we need an eye-catching, effective logo that can represent the image, activity and purpose of the enterprise.

This is the beginning concept when you start to draw something, First draw a line and this line obey your creativity to make some things special. Generally, This concept a main mystery for graphic designers to discover their creativity. BIJUTOHA tried to touch this mainstay (drawing lines) to decorate himself. Check out the full concept here at  bijutoha new logo and Identity

Edited by Bijutoha
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